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Kenichi Ohme

Miami, FL, United States


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I like to blend and blur the boundaries of genres

Kenichi Ohme (O.H.M.E. - Operation Human Mind Expansion) was born in Paris, France. He has lived in Miami, FL since the age of 9. around the age of 14 he gained a deep love and appreciation for Electronic Music but it wasn't until he was 16 that he started working on developing his skill as an EDM producer and musician. Beginning his musical development with Sound Forge 7 and an Alesis QS 6.1 keyboard with some CDs loaded with samples. His thirst for creative knowledge increased at a steady pace. He then moved on to working with a demo version of Fruity Loops in combination with Sound Forge. Until he eventually bought himself Reason 3 which became the main source of his creative outlet. Now a days Kenichi Ohme writes most of his music either on his 2 Korg Electribe EMX/ESX or a combination of Reason 8 and Renoise. His performances are done on 2 Korg Electribe EMX/ESX



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Inspired by Propellerhead Reason Synths