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Katty Smyle, Dj and Producer was born in Venice in 1988 . his career as a dj producer born in 2000 , where he began to play in the best clubs of the Veneto region .
In 2002 he plays the music village of Catania where he began his peak world. In 2005 he began to produce independent, but in 2012 the label Mootif Records of Miami chose him as the best dj talent and signing a recording contract. In 2013 record label change, he signed a new recording contract with trip- records where he produces an album of three tracks called good bye,
in 2014 produced the album fuorty five and immediately after the last record WAVES immediately successful. In 2015, Participate in the burn DJs worldwide contest, and manages to 6th position.
He began collaborating with international DJs, playing at the best clubs, it produces a new album, The Dark Side.
In 2016 he continues with many collaborations, and produces an album with his best tracks KS Vol 1. But with two new tracks, Matador and Reverse.
Now, he is collaborating with the record company, and booking talent, OVERLOAD of Milan, where he will be shortly published his new release, Hologram.


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