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The story behind this song talks about how you get bored of the person that you have a private relationship with and want them to lie away which is to go lie beside someone else because you are done with them. It also talks about how you think that someone is taking it seriously but they turn out to be dancers or players that are only there to dance with you, not to have a serious relationship.

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Karimreslan-lover-lie-away-lyrics

Lover lie away
Never lie away
Never ever lie away
Lover lie away

I don’t wanna hide
want you by my side

She was the jewelry, back at the party
She was just dancing, attracting me hardly
I felt her coming, approaching me slowly
She wanted what I be experiencing daily

and I don’t wanna hide
want her by my side

she came and told me that she was a dancer
she was just a dancer
dropped her body
ready to unclothe me
wanted me onboard
she got me kinda bored
told her it’d be better if we end it all, we fought like lancers

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by KarimReslan


Stems (2)

Beat1111 performed by Nikey Beats on Bass
Lover lie away performed by KarimReslan on Vocals


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