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About this Song

Instrumental stem pack (electro/dubstep).

With a driving electro house beat and hard-hitting vocal sample this one will make you ‘pump up the volume.’

Interested in remixing this track? Grab an instant remix license today, take the song in a new direction, and show Karetus what you can do!

This instrumental stem pack won’t be available forever, so act now!

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Karetus


Stems (5)

BASSES performed by Karetus on Bass
HORN performed by Karetus on Brass
SAW performed by Karetus on Synth
STABS performed by Karetus on Synth
VOCALS performed by Karetus on Vocals

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Kristian Ropogós 5 months ago

Love it already! Im soon off finding out in what direction I will try to take it, one thing is sure, this is going to be fun! =)


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