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PORTLAND, United States

F.A.M.E. Records LLC (Fallen Angel's Music & Entertainment)

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Songwriter, lyricist and aspiring producer I'm also trying to launch a label to help other artists!

Been working on building my writing skills and found a passion for hip hop songwriting when I was 12 however I  realized I couldn't make it anywhere with other peoples beats unless I shelled out a bunch of money I didn't have, so around 16 I started getting into production with no musical knowledge other than what I could relate to in the music I grew up learning from ie: The Beatles, Al Greene, Michael Jackson etc. Tupac was definitely an artist that I learned from he was deeper than just his Thuglife image with tracks like: Brenda's got a baby, Dear Mama, Me against the world. Very poetic and meaningful now a days most music is garbage and lacks any real substance or meaning other than "do drugs and f#%& b!t@#*$"

Showcase tracks

Produced the instrumental using samples that I looped and ran through effects to turn it into my own sound as well as mapping a drum layer to give it my own personal touch and added a vocal cut that I sampled, to give it a little finesse and once it was finished the lyrics seemed to come natural and I said what I felt! Hope you enjoy it.