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I grew up in The middle of the mountains, Wyoming.  I moved to California after high school to pursue baseball and blew out my arm while trying to make it to the big leagues and didn't have the money for surgery and figured It was over for me.  I fell in love with electronic music when I went to an L.A. Show with some college buddies where pendulum was playing.  I played the alto saxophone all throughout middle school, and high school, with a real love for the drums.  I never learned the scales the right way, but I could play them accurately by ear for a good grade.  In college I downloaded FL studio and played around on it not knowing That I had the demo version.  It made me angry because I couldn't make what I wanted, but the demo version doesn't let you do anything really.  I gave up early because I had so much going on with baseball and 7 classes a day, weight lifting, 2 hour practice, and tons of family stuff.  I started listening and finding as much electronic music that I could get my hands on.  I came back to Wyoming and showed all of my friends that music and hyphy music that originated from the Bay Area.  My friends fell in love with those two types of music as well.  I wanted to get into DJing so bad, but never had the money to get the equipment that I needed.  I finally landed a job on a work over rig in the oil field that let me get a mixer and the program traktor pro.  I got into mixing hardcore every night, and every day as much as I could.  I was always mixing.  I often put off hanging out with my girlfriend at the time to mix, or to finish a mix that I was doing.  I got my friends into the same thing because I could tell they would love it too.  I really wanted to make music, but I didn't know how to go about doing that.  Being from Wyoming I was way behind technology and everything really.  I mixed for two, or three years straight and in that time I auditioned for a couple of shows in Montana and got the parts.  The first year I played during the day around 6 when the sun was still up, which was kind of a bummer.  The second year I got a night slot on a bigger stage and I was stoked about that.  I got praised by the crowd the first year and got some offers to play different shows in Wyoming, but I couldn't make it due to my job being so strict.  The second year I felt so good mixing in front of the crowd and they loved my set and thanked me with beers during my set and hand shakes, high fives and all of that cool stuff.  I am not gonna lie I was scared beyond belief both years because it is something that I love doing and I didn't know what to expect each year from the crowd.  I'm not an arrogant person by any means, in fact if you met me you would think the complete opposite.  I'm super humble and very thankful for every day that I can get out of bed.  I love music, and hope it takes me somewhere one day.  After that last show I did I finally got enough money to buy FL studio the producers edition.  For the last two and a half, or three years I've been learning the ins and outs of that program like it's the back of my hand.  I have around 600 almost finished songs that I am going to finish up in the next couple months.  I put out about forty of them.  The others are unfinished to me because I am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to music.  I have so many because I just keep writing tracks no matter what.  If I have an off day I just finish it the best that I can and hope the next day is better.  I lost my computer six months ago and have been trying to get it back ever since.  I will finally be getting it back tomorrow and I can tell you one thing.  Having no computer and no way of making music for the last five months has just made my yearning for creating music grow that much stronger.  I have never went more than two days without making music in the past three years.  I have put probably 10,000 hours into this and my next 10,000 are going to be something to listen too.  I cannot wait to start again tomorrow, and I will be posting as much new stuff on here and all of social media as I can!  So stay tuned!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEE

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