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As a Guster fan of nearly 15 years and a daily listener of the 'Keep It Together' album, this composition has a special place in my heart.

It's an honor to have the ears of my musical hero's and biggest inspirations listen to my remix. Adam, Ryan, Luke and/or Brian; let's get in touch and get an Careful and Ramona remix in the works (my two favorite songs)!

PS super bummer you didn't make it to Long Island at the Paramount in Huntington, NY this last March; I had tickets to finally see y'all live but it'll be worth the wait once its rescheduled!

Website: www.exclusiveaudio.net
Instagram: @exclusive__audio (two underscores)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exclusiveaudioo

Posted 4 weeks ago
Owned by Guster


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Allyn 1 month ago

Like this one

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Austin Diduch 1 month ago

H yeah


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