JR Electric,1983 as Jan Rolletschek born and raised in Hannover had a pretty early start into his career as DJ and producer. Initiated by his parents he soon followed them in their love for the music of the 80s and 90s. He took advantage of the numerous clubs in Hannover and commencing in the early 2000s inspiring events like „Easter Mega Rave“ or „Reincarnation“. Admiring the performing DJs he soon purchased his own equipment and entered the „techno-scene“.
From 2006 on he changed his ambitions and switched to the „House“-business where he was quite successful winning a couple of contests such as „Schalldruck 9“ in 2007 in Lower Saxony and Northrhine-Westphalia. Encouraged by a growing number of supporters he extended his presence all over Germany.This was leading into a new dimension of his work. He co-founded the „House Brotherz“ and produced and launched „God of Hellfire“ under the „Tuff E nuff“ label. After a creative break of almost 4 years until 2014 – when he worked on finding a new style and sound – he came back to stage. In the current year radio-shows („Radio Tonkuhle“) and releases with „Comstylz Records“ or „City of Drums“ are projected. He is going to perform together with other artists like Markus Homm, Smash TV, Rafael da Cruz, Benny Grauner, Boogie Pims or Alexander Flatner. One of his favourite venues ist „Weidendamm“ Hannover. His apperances in various clubs characterized his very individual way of deejaying. He would describe it as „pushing, individual and diverse“. Despite the fact his audience loves his work he enjoys every new challenge – always following Mitch Lucker: „Keep listening to music,`cause it gets you through everything. I promise!“


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