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About this Song

I listened to this song when it was released because I am a big fan of Crywolf's songs. So when I saw the advertisement for this song contest I knew I had to give it a shot.

I love Crywolf's music style, and even more the meaning that he puts on his songs. I feel like we have somehow the same music taste, or particularly, the same connection through music. I see music as a way to express the way we feel and to connect to the listeners who feel the same way.

Eventually, when I started this reimagination of mine, I wanted to keep Crywolf's feelings and meaning in the song. So I focused to make a version that would be different and impactful, but with the same feelings as the original. I decided not to only use the vocal lead, but also pads, instruments, and effects from the original song to keep the original meaning that I didn't want to lose.

I kept the original melody, but I tried to give it a twist, by changing some keys through the harmony. Also, I added some pads, and a lot of violins, as well as the original toms, to create an orchestral atmosphere that leads as to the drop where I tried to create a very powerful, but at the same time slow, to keep the intensity of the song.

I hope that who listens to this song, feels as touched as I felt when I listened to the original song. Is a very deep song to just ignore.


Posted 3 months ago
Owned by Crywolf


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Larrix 1 month ago

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