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Jordan Tariff

Los Angeles, United States


Musician, Songwriter

Jordan Tariff never stops fighting. That is most evident through his emotionally charged alternative pop as he openly shares the trials and triumphs of a 24-year journey. This road has wound through intense health struggles, disappointments, and the sort of tempestuous ups and downs that all too often end in giving up. Born in Longmeadow, MA, he developed a passion for music at a young age, but a small-town mentality cast a shadow of negativity over his ambitions. As his interest in music grew, he spun the likes of Finneas, Coldplay, Jaymes Young, Daniel Caeser and many more. After only one semester of college, the 19-year-old took a leap of faith and moved to LA. He put his head down, adhered to a rigorous regiment of tea, books and wine, and found inner strength to serve as his compass. “I just want you to feel when you listen to me,” he leaves off. “Life is tough and we’re all just doing our best. I think it’s important that we (as artists) are able to so intimately share/talk about these experiences through music.”

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