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Shout out to Snails for allowing me the opportunity to put my own spin on this banger! Hope I was able to do it some justice.

Thank you all so much for listening and I hope you enjoy <3

- Jordo

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Posted 2 years ago


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R-Chy 2 years ago

Hey, huge track out there! Voted! Can you please vote back on my remix as well? Make sure to leave a feedback if you do! https://skiomusic.com/r/xXD

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J-Star 2 years ago

Hey Jordan Castle, good job on your remix, I really like it! I'd love it if you could check out my remix of Carter Reeves - Bittersweet and leave a comment and like as well! https://skiomusic.com/r/Hcv

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Ema Covers 2 years ago

Hello friend, I voted for you, please vote on my "Make Me Yours" remix 🔊

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Owen Dacosta 2 years ago

Hey, Nice track you've made man! I'm loving the vibes on this one! Can you please check out the Remix i did on Kiiara's ''Messy"? I would love to hear what you think of it! https://skiomusic.com/r/wqs

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Steve Hawks 2 years ago

Hey, huge track out there! Liked! Can you please vote back on my remix of "Make Me Yours"? Make sure to leave a comment if you do! https://skiomusic.com/r/Wig


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