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John Dlamini

Johannesburg, South Africa


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About John Dlamini

I''m musician who really love his kind of music and i want to be known in South Africa, i know that i can drive the all South Africa crazy on the stage...

JOHN DLAMINI, now most known as JAY DIM, he have 20 years old of age, and he is an upcoming artist in music industry, He started doing music in yours 15 years old of age in 2011, on his High School (Noroeste “1” Secondary School) at Maxaquene, Maputo Mozambique, he finished School in 2013 at Grade 12, then in 2015 he decided to create a new Style of music in South Africa that a name is (KIZOMBA), he was in love with music of the Famous  grope that a name is (IRMAOS VERDADES) and the Famous Musician (Nelson Frietas) from Angola…
Now he is an South African Musician and he says that Music it’s his world and says that he’ll make more music to be in the first and the last numbers of the best in Kizomba and Zouk in South Africa


Classical Guitar, Composing

Showcase tracks

This is a Kizomba that i created one month before i join the SKIO MUSIC and i really need all your help to go forward, in SA they loved Kizomba, so now i just need only one person who is going to Market all of my Tracks in all over SA... i'm 100% sure that you are not going to regret it