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Jimmy Trinh is a Norwegian DJ/Producer from Skien. He has been interested in music production from the age of 14, where his brother introduced him a music production program called FL Studio. Therefore, he began experimenting in production, while he watched tutorials on YouTube.
Not only being a self-taught producer, he is also a beatboxer. In summer 2013, he participated the Norwegian Beatbox Championship by the age of 14, in addition, he was the youngest competitor.

In 2013, he was awarded an Audience prize from UKM (Ungdommens Kulturmønstring) using his beatbox skills to perform. Three years later, he was awarded again an Audience prize and moved on to the final stage of UKM, the UKM-festival in Trondheim.

He has over 300k streams total on Spotify, but one of the most recognized songs is "Storm", with over 200k streams and it's future bass combined with chillout style.


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This song is about standing in the storm, be yourself and do what you want, and when everything or everybody goes against you. So where one stands proud as a mountain without moving, icy in their belief in themselves and not fearing others. I hope you like the song! Vocalist: Johanne Møllerbraaten

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