I am an independent musician and I have been playing the piano and writing music for 15 years. I am attending Drexel University Honors College for Computer Science with a performing arts scholarship. I currently work in Ableton Live 10.

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This is my edit to Rob Scallon's riff challenge. I may make this into a full track, but for now, this is what I could come up with in 3 days.

Here is a cinematic trap remix, at least that's what I'm calling it. This was for a contest on EDMCollab.com and I like the way it turned out- anthemic and huge.

Let me just say, this has been an absolute dream. I have always wanted to work with Andrew, directly or indirectly and I'm so excited to bring this work to you all. I thought because of the tempo of the original track (89), it would do well in liquid drum & bass. I'll be back soon with some more pro

This track was inspired by the beginning guitar loop. It was originally intended to be "montage music" but as I continued working on it, it became more cinematic and adopted a future bass style. Hope you like it!

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