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Jennifer McMahon

Dublin, Ireland

Indie, Jazz, Soul, World

Vocalist, Songwriter

“Jennifer’s munificent charm and humility is all too clear in her music which aims to embrace it’s listeners in musical refuge and individual uplift, with rounded-out low tones, smooth jazz-sensibilities and tender lyrics, from the heart to the heart.” Straddling the boarders of jazz, soul and folk, Jennifer McMahon is a songwriter, vocalist, instrumentalist and producer from Dublin. Inspired lyrically by life experiences, compositionally by exploration and jazz- inspired harmonies aswell as more conceptual ideas; Jennifer’s music has become a cross over of genres bringing drama through jazz, improvisation through soundscapes with a touch of soul for good measure, all the while retaining the storytelling importance of folk music. At the heart of Jennifer’s music is the human experience; living it, witnessing it and sharing it: the light in the dark, the beauty in sadness, the turbulence in stillness. Absorbed with the juxtapositions of life’s extremities, Jennifer’s music is an aural oneness of opposites.

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