J.E.D.I(Justa Every Day Individual) music is a collective of solo artist made up of Kip Blackston(Jeremy Jarry),Kid Bless(Jameke Byrd),and brothers King Giovanni Hendrixx(Da'mon Lindsey) And Prince Reek(Tyrik Simmons) all hailing from Lynchburg,Va. The groups founders Jarry and Byrd started recording together in their teenage years but after both serve prison sentences they decided to take music a little more serious and form what is now known As J.E.D.I Music in 2014. Since conception the goals have release 2 mixtapes and a few single but this is just the beginning. The music they make is for anyone of any walk of life whether you have a 9 to 5,You are hustling,or whether your doing time. Everyone has a struggle and with their music they are trying to just to bring that to life.There mission statement is " We are J.E.D.I we all know better then you,we just want to see a better you"


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Fugazzi is the first single off of the forth coming mixtape "Y I Dont Fit In" By J.E.D.I Music recording artist Kid Bless. Fugazzi is a turnt up track that challenge the masses

Dab and whip is the second single off of the forth coming mixtape "Y I Dont Fit In" By J.E.D.I recording artist Kid Bless. This track features New Jersey native Bag'em and Rap New comer Ant. Dab and Whip is a uptempo track and the purpose it was created was" just to get up dance and have a good time." Totally left field from usual kid bless tracks,bless decided to step out there and have gotten great responds.

6 shots is the first single  from J.E.D.I Music recording artist King Giovanni Hendrixx first mixtape "Gavinci Code" this track is a very mellow and addictive tracks. Even without a hook and "6shots chant" throught out the song its still a very catchy song

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