Refined pop music with an emphasis on memorable melodies and powerful grooves.

Songwriter, producer, & performer – J.D. Rich is the one who does it all. With little regard for traditional barriers of genre, J.D. Rich presents an authentic sound, drawing from influences of pop, rock, funk, and electronic music. He strives to create music with a timeless quality, designed to outlast current trends; reminiscent of times gone by, yet made to endure for decades onward.

Originating from Victoria, Canada, J.D. Rich is a graduate of Berklee College of Music '16, major in Electronic Production & Design.


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Latest original single & music video written, produced and performed by J.D. Rich. This track showcases a unique genre combining elements of modern pop production with grooves/instrumentation influenced by classic music of the 70s/80s - and a little bit of jazz, too!

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