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Johnny Dean

New York, United States

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New York City based aspiring actor, amateur cinematographer - turned musician.

Johnny Dean. Who is he? Nobody you're familiar with - yet. Born in New York City, in the borough of The Bronx; in the late 80's. Johnny's passion and interests have always been for film and music. Growing up in New York City, raised by an overprotective-loving mom; whom always felt the need to guard over her children; (four of which Johnny is the youngest.) she'd make certain that Johnny and his siblings were always fed the latest movies and the latest music - of the time. Long story - short, Johnny was captivated by the magic of motion picture, & the wonders of sound. (One of Johnny's first birthday presents, as a toddler was a boombox - which he became attached to.)

Fast foward to several years later; Johnny still has an attachment to boomboxes, and beatboxes - since the age of eight years young. He also has a knack for deejaying, which tends to be one of his biggest hobbies. Specifically "blending" - or as they would call it today - "mash(ing)up" tracks.

In his teen years, up into his adulthood, Johnny Dean has had a fever for acting, the stage, and film making. He can be found in present day, building on his experience as an actor; creating amateurish short films; and, working on student film projects throughout NYC. He has recently worked on Dae Hoon's Simbi_Zombies; Abdul Stone Jackson's The Misadventures of Sexy Bill Cosby; Benjamin Tran's Bulldog, amongst other projects yet to be endeavored.

It was during his downtime, on a chilly New York afternoon; that Johnny stumbled upon an app that allowed him to arrange music, which he found intrigue with - in which - Johnny discovered the music inside him, that was waiting to be externalized. And here we have it - what commenced as a moment of intrigue - Johnny's mess of a "GOOD X."

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Arranged beats and vocals

Arranged beats and vocals