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So, the original song is a bop, so I had no clue how I was going to approach this track for awhile other than the fact that I love the song and I love Bonnie's work so much. But after a lot of fiddling about, I found some cool major 7th chords and just went full runway disco, complete with moments to pose for the girls and gays (my production has lots of stops, kinda Mirwais influenced that regard), haha. I then Melodyned the vocals to make a new melody to fit the key (still don't know what key it is, I'm not that good at music theory I just do this all by ear), and I pitched down the chorus a few semitones in Ableton and lightly altered the riff. So yeah that was my brief creative process, I've been working on this song for a hot minute trying to make it perfect, hope you hear it and love it Bonnie and the rest of the judges!

Also, I'm a TRASH graphic designer, we been knew, I just wanted something blue/purple-ish to fit the tone of the remix, if y'all pick it this will obviously not be the cover art.

But yeah, this is probably THE most informal description of all time, but hope you enjoy it, the original's a bop, peace, God bless and dance on,

Jayce Cantór

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Bonnie McKee


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Isak Dahling 2 years ago

Nice one, i really like this! :) You got my support! Check out my remix of Make Me Yours if you got time ;)

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LEFTBLU 2 years ago

There are minor things I don't like but overall idea is really sick. I really like it. Good job on this one ;)

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MISJAX 2 years ago

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