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Hi there, my name is Jay Bird.

This is my remix of David Starfire & Stephan - Seasons feat. Shri. In this track I tried to follow the original mix with adding a little spice to my remix with my style Electronica and, this style of sound production is not my style of music, in which I traditionally make, so it was a bit of challenge, to say the least. I used three parts of the original stems to give it some of the original features of the song. I would like to be honest, this probably is not my best work to date, mind you, I did my best under the time restraints between other projects and I enjoyed the opportunity to remix something really cool, and I appreciate the opportunity fromMuti Music. I have no real expectation to win the competition, I took this project on as a learning experience to better my remixing skills, if my remix is a runner-up and Muti Music likes it, than I did my part to help contribute to a greater cause of helping out amazing Independent recording label at the end of the day. Thank you for your time, I look forward to possibly hearing back from you.

Kindest Regard,

Jay Bird

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Muti Music


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James Desmond 2 years ago

what an AWESOME REMIX!! I Think You should Sidechain that kick buddy, also check my remix "Hurt Somebody" and like back my remix, Thanks :)


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