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Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, James Grandoy is an eclectic music producer with a genre-defying attitude: for him, making music is not about following some patterns or the genre definitions, but simply staying true to raw emotions and inspiration!

Back in 2003, James started studying music at a local music school, particularly specializing in music theory, Solfège and French Horn. Later in 2007, he enrolled within the Portuguese National Music Conservatory in Lisbon, where he met many talented artists and was taught by such musicians as Bruno Hiron (French horn teacher) or João Pedro Santos (Music theory teacher). In 2010, James became familiar with EDM and started to compose his own music. He traveled to Ibiza in 2015, where he had the chance to see and talk to such legends as Carl Cox, Hardwell and Martin Garrix, who had influenced his sound and thoughts.
After a few years of developing his skills James finally decided to share his music in 2016. For him it´s all about the connection with listeners through the high-energy, uplifting melodies, and great production values.

Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story.


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