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I love the original track so I added minimal changes through it. I added one string instrument and switched up the chorus kick rhythm. I also added FX and did a Mix and Master of the track.

Breathe Carolina has been a long time favorite artist of mine. This is a great opportunity to showcase my abilities. I remember back in 2010 - 2012 opening for them during the Spring Break Your Heart tour with Forever the Sickest Kids and their Self-Titled tour Breathe Carolina with Big Chocolate. Since then I have always loved their music even back in myspace era. I hope you enjoy it and hope everyone has been well!

James Boucher

Posted 9 months ago
Owned by Breathe Carolina


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Lost Crazys 8 months ago

buen drop, suerte en el concurso... me gustaria que le heches un vistazo a mi version future bass

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James Boucher 8 months ago

Thanks for reaching out! I’ll check you version right now! Thanks for your feedback as well. 🙂 - James

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