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My initial thought process was that this song had very good vocals. The arrangement, production and mixing was also top-notch. I wanted to put a spin to it and convert the entire feeling of the track, to a more club-friendly song. I wanted to make the vocals stand out, and have more of a leadrole in the production. Therefore I made a basshouse song to create what I had in mind. The main feeling I was getting from the original song was happiness, and a feel-good vibe. My vision was to twist it into an aggressive, dirty bass house track with a bridge containing a more emotional message. I’m happy to take any feedback regarding if I managed to convey my message as well as I think I did.

Also, If you did some head-bobbing,
give a like ;)


Posted 2 months ago
Owned by Nick Elliott


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Metronome rofl 1 month ago

That's lit bro...


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