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magico realistico sounds from far out echoes to you from across the ocean sea in outer viva columbia we hear you
here in the land of the burning pier and the deaf ears
of younger brother.....

Posted 2 weeks ago
Owned by Stand For Trees


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When Sioux Met Aliens 13 days ago

This comment was deleted.

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jaffet soundbox 15 days ago

We listen to the sound of the birds like the old and wise There are birds that sing like the music of the flute And every melody has a meaning The dance of the hummingbirds The turkey buzzards as they fly They seem to dance to the rhythm of the melody Dance to the rhythm of the music

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OfficialDYBEC 15 days ago

Hi , I heard your Remix and I had to leave some positive feedback!! I like the sounds you used making the Drop! The mixing and mastering is great!, hit me up on my soundcloud cause I think we have a similar style!!!! It would mean the world if you could check out my remix on my profile!! Let me know what you think and comment down below! Thank you!


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