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Prod. LCS x KXVI x Nightmare
decided to make this in the memory of Xxxtentacion. Enjoy.

She say she loves me I say
I don't wanna get ma self a bae
every body thinks am cool
but all in all ma heart is not okay

smoking Hennessy my heart all day
getting hit in hall all ma day
making love and then hows your bae
Then a broken heart just comes in yo

Never wanna get yaself to suffer
tell ma mamma yo
i dont wear course mehr
ich bin da fuer deine lieb
come along never go way


when I die
who is gonna make me high
I dont wanna get ma self in lies
when I live ma life the way I wanna make ma self alaw
but a wanna have a sweety gal
Tryna change
To the better
and make ma mama pretty proud x2

Ich lebe ein Leben, so wie ich es will

Its a brocken time
Heavy battle phaze
when I get ma hazzle tied
Come along and never hold back

wanna say your the right one hey
suicide thoughts on my head
everybody here so bad
when it gonna hurt its no okay
better wanna crush on the moon
wanna take you to the moon
everybody thinks so bad about ma moods

tryna fake ma smile
I dont wanna break to tears

imagine how you made em feel
Breaking them was never fare

I live ma life, the way I want to
I know that
I live ma life, the way I want to

Posted 9 months ago
Owned by Jade Mario



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