Made up of three producers/DJ's with roots in London/Bristol's DnN scene, Intermatic, is a careful balance of dancefloor energy, accompanied by musical melodies and new school sounds designed to walk the thin line of being melodic enough to play on the radio, but heavy enough to play in the club.

Rob Lindsay:
Writer, Producer, Synthesis, Classical musician (Violin, Piano, Sax, Guitar, Vocals), qualified sound engineer.

Past projects:
Retrix & Freshold, Cause&Effect, SoundWarp Studios, Thome Stone, The Inbetweeners, Soundtrack, REESON, CanCom, -live Dolby broadcaster.

James Milligan:
Producer, DJ, Writer, Musician (guitar, drums)

Past Projects:

Connor Farrel:
Producer, Writer, Sound Engineer.
Past Projects: Artific

We are all available for commissioned work, syncing, writing, and collabs.


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Wrote vocal, lyrics and melody wrote the rest of the track, and produced it - commissioned job for REEESON. Please don't judge us for the video, that we had nothing to do with :)

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Sampled the vocal, wrote the rest

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