We're two producers from Stockholm/Sweden who creates new music on regular basis. The duo was created in 2019 and is focusing to combine both of our main genres which is RnB/Pop and Future House/EDM.

3Mill - I'm a producer that loves creating all types of music. Combining different genres and experimenting with sounds is what I love to do and have been doing since I was twelve years old. My main genre is Pop and Hiphop/RnB but I love to jump into all types of genre and challenge myself.

Sall - Inspired by both Avicii and Flume, I have my roots in EDM/Future bass. Since I started producing three years ago, I've been putting every second of my spare time to the thing I love the most, making music. About a year ago, me and 3Mill decided to team up together and thats how Insignes started. Now here we are, on a long journey ahead of us.

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