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Loved the song and really got a great vibe going. Been dancing around my studio. As is usual, just took the vocal stem, replayed everything else. Got a bit of a Daft Punk/ Lcd Sounsystem, Glasswork Candy thing going, maybe with a bit of Bowie Scary Monsters era funk bass. Mainly used Arturia Synths and Moogs. The new Oberheim Arturia is fan-fucking-tastic. Hope you enjoy it.

Posted 1 month ago
Owned by Guster


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adu.sounds 25 days ago

A really unique spin on the remix, I really enjoyed it!

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Infinimonkey 24 days ago

Thanks so much was getting loads of plays but few likes. Was starting to think it was too leftfield for Skio folks

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Vicen Silvero 1 month ago

Great production and cool stuff!. I love the nostalgia sound from eighties and as you say in the style of Bowie Scary Monsters era funk bass... with possitive feelings. Good luck for you!

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Infinimonkey 1 month ago

Thanks! :-)

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