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Posted 12 months ago
Owned by 14 & 9 Records

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Lyejah (Formerly Dageren) 1 year ago

Dat drop tho. Sexy. Dope synth choice too man.

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CONTRVST 1 year ago

God this is really good and original but watch your keys man!

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Brian for President 1 year ago

Wow! Great immediate attention-grabbing intro! :) Huge build/transition around 00:29!! Love the mix/master, too. My only thought is is that the tuning of the vocal seems slightly off from the key of the instruments. Maybe re-visit the tuning, but you have a winner here. In the intro/first sections, but certainly @1:18 (bass synth especially). Nice!

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Imbecile 1 year ago

Hi Brian for President. Thanks for listening and for the feedback.

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