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'Flying' is the first track off ill.Gates recent album Terminally ill.

After the remix EPs Bounce & More Tea as teasers, ill.Gates delivers an epic statement of production and composition on his long awaited new full length album, Terminally Ill. The album features the amazing vocal works of a whole host of incredible lyricists including; Dub FX, Masia One, Hugo The Poet, Jackie Rain, Mayor Apeshit, Nuberto, Pure Powers, DropStarz and Youngsta. ill.Gates is a prolific producer working with many of bass musics top heavy hitters, this time featuring collaborations with the likes of Mimosa, KJ Sawka and Stephan Jacobs. The result is a funky high powered blend of bouncy beats, strong melodies with positive lyrics that will be have you humming and singing along with catchy synths and powerful baselines. ill.Gates is a Toronto-born San Francisco based composer, performer and educator. Over the past decade, he has established a global fanbase and a reputation as one of the most dynamic electronic music artists around. His first full-length release, Autopirate' (Muti Music, 2008) charted on iTunes and dominated on Beatport, the epic 18 track album The ill.Methodology (Muti Music, 2011) cracked the number 1 spot on iTunes and remains a strong seller. His collaborations with Bassnectar have had epic success and remain some of the top selling electronic tunes on many retails and streaming outlets.

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by ill.Gates


Stems (29)

Flying 10-Audio
Flying 15-Audio
Flying 17-Audio
Flying 23-Audio
Flying 24-Audio
Flying 25-Audio
Flying 29-Audio
Flying 34-Audio
Flying 3-Audio
Flying Basses
Flying B-Simple Delay _ Vinyl Distortion _ EQ Eight _ Cabinet
Flying C-Audio Effect Rack _ Filter Delay _ EQ Eight
Flying chant Vocal on Vocals
Flying Chord Sound
Flying Chord Sound-1
Flying Drum Build
Flying E-bx_cleansweep V2 _ UAD Lexicon 224
Flying Hats
Flying Impacts
Flying Main Drums
Flying Main Vocal
Flying Melodies
Flying Plane
Flying Riser
Flying SNAP
Flying STRINGS-1
Flying Sub Bass
Flying Vangelis Drums

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SUITJACKERS 4 years ago

Thanks, for the opportunity to be apart of this. It is honestly great to have well know producers give us "the little guys" a chance to better ourselves. :)

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KLLR 4 years ago

hello, poorly trained musician here, can anyone share the chord progression?

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Bug Spencer 4 years ago

What should this be about? departing aircraft is the best part. completely lost in the air. nothing to start with

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Pbasiq 4 years ago

Try stretching the main drums to your track's tempo and then make the main voice match its duration, then start from there.

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