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Idris Miles

London, United Kingdom


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Writer, Artist, Dreamer, Believer.

Idris miles is a rapper aged 19 from the city of London. He has had a burning enthusiasm for music and has had since young. Always picking up instruments and listening to his brothers rap, Idris knew that music was his calling. Knowing this, he has been trying to find his sound, till now. Idris' sound consists of smooth lyrics that co-exist with heavy bass and emotion. With his head in the clouds he makes lyrics with meanings that are hard to grasps but concepts that are so relevant to the youth of today. Idris makes his music for the people that have a talent but are shy and modest about. In his music he says "believe in yourself, and dream big".

Showcase tracks

Let me show you the Galaxy.

I'm done.

"How you livin' Miles?"