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an evil track about my car, a 2004 toyota corolla. sleep tight.

featuring some vocal harms and other fun stuff from asia toyryla


corolla, corolla, corolla,
I roll up with 4C and rust in my rotors
40 a gallon means I can afford ya
but careful cause I'll put a hole in ya floorboards

watch it cause i got the inbox receipts
ill put ya to sleep
faster than anyone
0 to seven-one
can't believe you went and got some incentive from

you gone gon get it, but I stay and spit it
and spit all my shit till you cry me a river of blood in the ocean
just move with the motion
stay stationary and roll with the notion

that I care, and I'll do what you say,
the tracks half the devil, the proofs in the length (look at the track length)
I prove I don't care when I rip and I tear
but the terrible thoughts keep the devil at bay

stop what you're doing and do what I say
put the pen down and wither away
I can't control it so you better go wit-
don't know it, don't show it, don't blow it,
it's only a-

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by matt.



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