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The main feature of my remix is basically the pitch drop and key change, which I felt gave the track a touch of deepness/epic-ness rather than the light-ness of the original track. I can say the general feel of the track is somehow inspired by Matstubs remix of Jetta's I'd Love To Change The World which I listened to a long while back. I loved the tempo of the original track so I didn' change that but I feel the pitch drop and key change gave my track it a slower 'feel' to it which I felt was cool. I really liked the violin strings at the end of the original track so I used that as an opener on mine and I played with effects all over the track and also had two drops which I felt were really cool. This was a very very fun experience and I can't wait for the contest results and/or any feedback to be honest.

Posted 9 months ago
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