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~HOT$8OY~(904) Trap C^ity Gang$ta'z!!!!!

904 St. Augustine, St. John's County, Florida, United States


~HOT$8OY~(904) Trap C^ity Gang$ta'z!!!!! has no description.

About ~HOT$8OY~(904) Trap C^ity Gang$ta'z!!!!!

I'm Tryin 2 Keep It 100% Real Wit EVERY1 & Just Tryin 2 Go Sumwhere's In Life Beside's Prison Over & Over Again!!

1st Off I Just Want 2 thank My Beautiful Wife Tiffany MacDonald & My Momma Sunnie Mathis & ALL my Fan's & Family 4 the Support!! 2nd...I Wanna Become The Best Rapper & Song-Writer Alive!! Growin Up I had 2 fight 4 wut I wanted & as I got older I had 2 steal & Rob & Break The law JUST 2 Survive & The Next Thing I Kno I'm serving a long Prison Term WELL i'm out & NOW i'm Tryin 2 Change My Wayz From The Crimez 2 The Rymez!! ;)Sooo Just Kno I'm The Realist,Hardest,Truist Motha Fukka U Could Kno!! I'm From Straight Outta 904 St.Augustine, Fla. BUT was Born In NEW YORK!! I'm Mix Wit ALMOST Everythin Soooo I'M NOT Full Whyte... U WANT GREAT TALENT?? well here it is & here I am & I Hope U can Feel My Vibez & Feel where I'm Commin From!! MUCH LOVE 2 ALL MY FAN'S & Family!!


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This Is A Gangsta Free-Style Rap Song Produced By Me(~HOT$BOY~) Feat: My Nigga Q

We Go HARD But I'm Just Free-Style'N Wit My Nigga Q!! 2016

This Rap Was AT FIRST a Dream/Nightmare That Felt Sooooo Real So I Wrote It Down While I could rememba it & Then i'm Turned It Into a Rap Song!! I Kept The Echo soooo it sound's JUST LIKE being behind them Prison Walls!! THAT'S HARD!!!!!!!!! ~HOT$8OY~(904)