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Hook & Hollow

Mumbai, India


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About Hook & Hollow

When it comes to Electronic Dance Music Hook & Hollow have been addicted to it since years.They met for the first time when they moved to pune.
The duo used to mix songs in their bedroom studio.Those mixing sessions turned to production sessions and then came loads of unreleased gems.

They define their sound as a blend of the modern version of Big room and Electro House with mesmerising melodies and hard hitting drops! They have aimed at going forward with this energetic genre and to add their innovative sound in the coming years.

This upcoming India duo are bound to hit the Electronic music scene with a bang

Showcase tracks

The Revealed “Mad World Remix” EP provide us with many different versions of the hit track, transporting ‘Mad World’ through a series of different tones and ideas, and elevating the tune beyond EDM and into brand new territory. Heave blast-beat reimagining Future-house interpretation, rhythm focussed remix before an exquisite acoustic version is this new unofficial Remix Demo by 'Hook & Hollow' vs Alrich Walton ,taking Jake Reese's mesmerising vocals and the magical guitar tunes . We have remi