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When I heard Reckless first, I knew I could bring a hard hitting house vibe to it. I went through many different versions of this remix before getting the bassline you hear in the drop to hit right. This track starts out with the vocals and drums and pulls more elements in to build energy and anticipation towards the buildup and the drop. ARIA's vocals fit this record really well and compliment the groove. For the drop I added a horn, similar to the one in the original song, right before the bass hits and the drop really starts. I think the original ARIA track was in good need of a house remix.

Posted 4 weeks ago
Owned by ARIA


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Saint.Bri 23 days ago

Oooft heavy bass. That would rattle me on big speakers man.good luck in the comp!

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Henry Thrill 16 days ago

thanks so much!!

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