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I wanted to keep the pulse and musical key intact, because they are essential to the story and mood of Wild Heart.

When listening to the bare vocal tracks, three different structures presented themselves. I heard cellos and violas having a conversation (they "agree" in unison in the 1st verse and start to have "different opinions" in the 2nd), and kind of commenting on the lead vocal track. Initially I wanted to do something very chamber-like and small, but the heart-wrenching vocals towards the end demanded something more.

I guess, at the end of day, this is my humble attempt of manifesting the profound and healing power of music.

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by Vintage Currency


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Lyyte 3 years ago

Good orch vibes. Check my Dubstepremix here: https://skiomusic.com/lyyte/desiree-dawson-wild-heart-lyyte-remix

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Jameson J 3 years ago

The strings are fantastic! I will say they are drowning the vocals and percussion just a little, but they themselves are really well mixed! Overall really powerful piece

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Henri Brandt 3 years ago

Thank you, sir, for your kind words, and yes, you are right. Needs a little more work bringing vocals more to the forefront...

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