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I can't describe my own song ,I'll always call 'em good unless someone tells me 'bout it.
Better let the listeners, Aria and Skio Decide.
But ,yeah, I've tried to make this song punchy and with a dance vibe ,
off-course the song is a bit loud which it shouldn't be, but, What I've tried to do is intentional to make a difference.
Also In most of the time in the song I've tried to maintain the originality of the song, 'cause if you change a lot in a song
and your remix doesn't revolve around the original version of the song ,it loses the feeling of being a remixed Version.
I hope you all like it...

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by ARIA


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Harr1sh 6 months ago

I hope you like the song... Let me know in the comments... Whatever you wanna say about the track... Love ya'all buddies.


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