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Dj Haris Kate made his first steps in music in the town of Katerini at the age of 16!!!

His love for music and his passions led him to begin experimenting with music productions two years after he turned 18, at the age when he started to mature musically and started to find his style and identity in music.
He set goals on the thing he loved so much and at age of 22 the day of his fist official release of his first single “Rock U Deep” (Groovonik Records) came. An event that marks his life, making his love for music way of thought and expression under the influence of other known House music producers. Being optimistic now for the future, he sets the basis in the field of music for bigger goals.
For his dreams!!!


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LENGTH | 5:21 RELEASE DATE | 26/10/15 BPM | 121 KEY | A min GENRE | Tech House LABELS | TransForm Recording

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Keep The Vibe Alive !!!