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This song was inspired by the movie "If I Stay" This song was a really interesting and special one for us. While I feel like we were always the type of people to be in touch with popular inspirational sayings like “life is short” “live every day to the fullest” I was never fully inspired to write a song about this until after I saw this movie. I felt so moved by this movie, the characters, the story line, certain scenes, the music in it – really everything about it resonated with me. After watching it I immediately started writing this song. Well, actually a few of the lines came to me as I was watching the movie and I jotted them down so I wouldn't forget them and I remember thinking to myself, man, will we be able to get a finished product of exactly how I want this to sound so it conveys the emotions I have right now? I remember being concerned about that instantly. I wrote it a while ago and we have been back and forth on certain aspects of the song since then, and I think we are finally at a place where we are happy with the feeling and impact that it delivers, well, at least we hope it delivers. While it was definitely written with the intent of inspiration, my main mission was to convey an awareness about the concept of time. Its such an interesting topic to me and I am often stuck in between a lot of conflicting feelings about time...how does it pass, where does it go, what do you do in it, with it, what if we had more time/less time, would we realize more and do more with it, when does time really end? I'm pretty mesmerized by the topic of time, and I think about it a lot, and watching that movie, brought me really close to those feelings. So I wanted to try to make that a focal point of the song, which really might not be obvious until the bridge, and its also why we decided to title the song “Time” rather than “This is Tonight” and hopefully try to relay that I feel strongly about what I do with my time here on earth and what I leave behind when i'm gone. I'm not trying to preach to people by any means, that they have to be concerned with what they leave behind, or what they do, but if there are some listeners out there that this resonates with, then that's great, and I hope this song somehow inspires them to go after what they want in life, to think about time and what it means, and how you can and should spend it on something that matters to you, if that's something that's important to you. Production and delivery wise, we wanted the verses to sound a little eerie and mysterious and we had the idea of the background “ahhh's” to try to add to the drama there. We knew we wanted the chorus to be big and unique so we decided to layer it with different octaves and harmonies, and not really have a lead, but instead to blend them all and try to make them all equal, so that hints of each come out at different times. Our producer, Michael Salacuse, did an excellent job with that. Then the bridge was really important to us because we felt like it would really be a pivotal moment in the song, where hopefully something hits the person. So the stop/start at the very end of the bridge, we felt was important in getting it really tight and dynamic. And then we knew we wanted to end it in a tender, subtle way, that would hopefully leave the listener with a feeling of awareness, peace, and inspiration. So, hopefully we were successful in some aspects of that, and that some listeners can connect with it. That's really the goal, to connect with people in a positive way, and convey the emotions that I had while writing it.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by HANLEY


Stems (6)

Time Bass Stem performed by HANLEY on Bass
Time BGV Stem performed by HANLEY on Vocals
Time Drm Stem performed by HANLEY on Drums
Time Keys_Gtr Stem performed by HANLEY on Synth
Time LdVoc Stem performed by HANLEY on Vocals
Time Voc Stem performed by HANLEY on Vocals

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danskio 1 year ago

Love the chill vibe and vocals, HANLEY!


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