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After winning a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the NYPD Street Performers Jadon Woodard and James Joseph Gallagher A.K.A. gHSTS & gUITARS embarked on making a 7 song E.P. That was stripped down with a focus on acoustic elements and minimal beats reminiscent of their live performances on the NYC subways. Recorded at Central arts and Revolution Sound Studios in Brooklyn N.Y.C. with the help of Doc Israel @docisrael Recording and co - producing, Written and Produced by gHSTS & gUITARS and Jadon Woodard and Mixed by Nastee, @Nasteeluvsyou. This is sure to be a favorite in everyone's playlist. Read about our story here www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/39/18/…-04-22-bk.html And check our Documentary here. pigeonsandplanes.com/discover/2017/…e-platform-doc

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by G.V.O. Sounds / Trade Secrets


Stems (9)

Thats_Crazy_stem_Bass performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Bass
Thats_Crazy_stem_Bass guitar performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Bass
Thats_Crazy_stem_Drums performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Drums
Thats_Crazy_stem_Guitar Rhythm performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Guitar
Thats_Crazy_stem_Guitars palm muted performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Guitar
Thats_Crazy_stem_Reverse Keys performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Synth
Thats_Crazy_stem_Rhodes performed by gHSTS & gUITARS on Synth
Thats_Crazy_stem_Vocal performed by Jadon Woodard on Vocals
Thats_Crazy_stem_Vocal ad lib performed by Jadon Woodard, gHSTS & gUITARS on Vocals


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