The desire to stand out, with passion and ambition from Sicily, are Gianluca Guzzardi's characteristics, better know as Guz Hardy.
Guz Hardy born in Catania in 1994, he begins his career as Dj from 2010, a path that takes him to play his music all around the island, with more than 500 exhibitions so far.
In 2016 he starts the Music Producer career, living in Florida, to know the American Pop's sounds and let him play in an exclusive pool party in Miami.
At the ends of 2017, he starts to write and produce an album for an emergent artist with several producers from Italy, France, and the USA.
May 2018, he is proclaimed winner for the ''Restless Remix Contest'' (a contest hosted by New Music International featuring Italian dance radio M2o) won against more than 300 producers from the whole nation. This winner lets him release his first official remix for Neja, with LP Music label.
Actually, he wrote and ghost produced some singles, all around Europe, working on his first Dance/Pop singles at the same times.
Releases dates of this singles will be announced soon, before 2018 ends.


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Here is the ''Restless Remix Contest 2018 '' winner's version, released on May 18th as official remix under license of LP Music label. A simple modern EDM remix for this smash hit from 90's.

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