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Melbourne, Australia

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Guysak. An Electronic DJ/Producer from Melbourne, Australia.

His first independent original release "Elephant Acid" was released on 16 August 2015 and it is also only the beginning. This release made the top 10 on Additionally his third release "Beyond" made the top 10 on 

His second release "Pretzels" was released independently as free download on 9 October 2015 and has generated a number of downloads. He has now begun releases with Beatdek Records with "Beyond" being released on 18 December 2015 and on 26 February 2016 releasing "Metta" with Beatdek Records. Further releases and collaborations are always coming.

Guysak is also currently releasing his House and More MixCloud show. With over 2,000 online followers and 15,000 plays it his new mix show is more diverse and sure to please all electronic music lovers. 

This is Guysak!! Thanks for listening!! ENJOY!!

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