28 year old composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and Bloomington, Indiana native Austin Frink has been creating music his entire life. Always inspired by patterns in human behavior, the year 2017 impacted him artistically. Frink began to explore the ideas of political tribalism, and humanistic unity under the name Grammar War.

“It occured to me that we are fundamentally one people, and our divisions are mostly arbitrary. We benefit from working together, and love is much more powerful and productive than fear or hatred," he says. "It seems like, in many cases, our disagreements are as hollow as these arguments you see on social media threads that somehow devolve into debates over spelling and grammar.”

This connection inspired the name, Grammar War, and his 2017 endeavors have already landed him a publishing contract and thousands of Soundcloud followers. His infectious acoustic/electronic hybrid tracks, like 'Pantomime' and 'Humans,' can be streamed or downloaded for free at http://grammarwar.com.


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