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I wanted to take this track in a way that the music emoted, such as the chains and footsteps as the beat when the chorus sings. I used that element because I imagine some guy walking with his stuff because he doesn't stay in one place; however I got an tropical vibe from the verses and treated it as such. Very diverse song with a great story!

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings


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D3XTROID 4 years ago

Awesome remix , liked it ! Please check mine too . https://skiomusic.com/shantanu-ghare/the-funk-hunters-chali-2na-word-to-spread-feat-tom-thum-shantanu-ghare-remix

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Subtonix 4 years ago

Hey GØNE, it's Dan from the SKIO A&R team. Your mix quality is good - there is lots of room for everything. In terms of the vibe, we haven't heard many tropical remixes - good call on that! For some reason my head isn't really nodding when listening. Your beat may not match the vocal in the right way. Overall, it's really clean though - well done!


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