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Ghishaam paulsen

Cape town, South Africa


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I am a 27 year old male doing music since the age of 9years old all i love is music and composing my own songs music is my hole entire life

I am a 27 year old married and musically enclined i love music since the age of 9 ive been singing at huge concerts in and around cape town ive been doing productions at theatre's in cape town called artscape and the baxter theatre ive been interested in music all along at the age of 16 ive been conducting choirs and falling inlove with harmonys and the way you as a person can make harmonys fit and sound great then on the age of 17 ive been working with programs like cubase reason logic pro tools and my best ever fl studio and i fell inlove with the sounds and electro sounds since then ive been putting my own edm sounds together im not famous its my dream to become famous all i want is for people to listen to my tunes and thanx to this site i can finally put my tracks on there.

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