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Hi! my name is david I'm 14 years old this song took me 4 weeks because of school and all of that crap. A’s straight as a freshman going strong Lol. all I have as a goal and a dream is to one day make my parents proud. I don't plan on giving up because music always brings me the happiness and joy I need. I really hope I win and I really hope you enjoy! if I make a person smile it makes me more than happy and please in comments tell me what you liked about the song!! if you didn't like it tell me what I can fix I would love to improve and one day grasp a audiences attention! love and pray to lord 4 weeks of grinding and 5 a.m.'s makes at least ONE person happy Lol. Have a blessed day I really enjoyed remixing this! PS: I MADE THIS SONG USING ONLY FL STUDIO STOCK PLUGINS, SAMPLES, AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH FL STUDIO!

Posted 3 months ago
Owned by Atlantic Records


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Otavious 3 months ago

Hello, I Like The Vibe And Energy You Added To Your Remix, Keep It. If Youre Open To Some Constructive Criticism, Id Work A Bit More On The Mix, Give A Bit More Space To Each Sound, To Youd Get A More Clean And Punchy Sound, I Had The Same Issue When I Started Producing lol Yea Keep It Up, Cheers

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MaximizeMusica 3 months ago

Is there anything else I should work on? Cause if there is I would love to start working on it watching YouTube videos and learning more. Much love bro I love your songs man!

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MaximizeMusica 3 months ago

Hay man! Thank you for the comment. Yeah I did just start like 3 4 days ago it just came to me naturally and I only used stock plugins. I am self thought so half the things you said didn’t make sense😂. But really thank you means I need to improve. Could you tell me how I can give more space to each sound to get a more punchy sound?

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