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My remix of Lie by Lukas Graham is a progressive house remix. Usually I just start with the track and I will see which genre it will become, but most of the times I end up with progressive house, just like this one. I start of easy with the piano, arp, a pad and my own recorded guitar. Then the bass drops and the energy rises, while introducing the melody. After introducing the melody the buildup starts and the beat drops. After the drop I decided to ease it down, but with a bit more energy than before the drop. To change it up a little, I decided to add some orchestral drums before the second buildup. The second drop is 8 bars longer than the first drop. I decided to add the vocals from the bridge and change up the melody in that part. This is to break repetition and to surprise the listener. All in all, I am really happy with the result. I think it is one of my best creations and I am looking forward to entering new remix contest!

Posted 7 days ago
Owned by Lukas Graham


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Anon 2 days ago

Hi ! please leave feedback on our Brazilian bass remix. Thanks a lot. https://skiomusic.com/anon420/lukas-graham-lie-anon-remix

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Destin Fate 7 days ago

hey, nice idea - check out my remix! https://skiomusic.com/destin-fate/lukas-graham-lie-destin-fate-remix


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