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Vancouver, Canada


GDubz has no description.

About GDubz

Push the envelope within my skill set, bringing forth a hybrid vibe.


With snowballing momentum GDUBZ is a force stronger than gravity itself. Harder than nails, tougher than tough his heavy bass and grimy synths penetrate deep and hit you like a boot to the chest.

Diving into the electronic music scene head first a few short years ago has payed off in dividends for this up & coming producer, a growing following the ride has only just begun for this multi-talented musician.

While still developing his signature sound, one can't help but be drawn in by the powerful beats and quaking bass that are quickly becoming synonymous with the one and only GDUBZ.


Mastering, Mixing

Showcase tracks

Recorded a riff from NAS' LP, other than that MetaphOracle and Myself made a deep melodic Tune and had the homie Setwreka do some justice on the cuts!

With one of my most "easy going" collaborative partnerships, Tripzy Leary and I have been making a ton of new sounds and tunes/Originals and Remixes around the block! WestCoast flavour in the mix!

After Shlump rolled through Vancouver,  we actually had a ton of down time with him and PartyWave. High Etiquette threw a show with both PartyWave and Shlump and I opened for them both! with a ton of inspiration set from the weekend, Shlump released his stems for his Original tune "Hip Squeak", this is what became.

Part Collab with my homie Tripzy Leary!

Deep Hybrid 808!