“interdimensional bass bridging indigenous roots with West Coast underground music culture”

With emotional West Coast sounds, GDubz bridges classic dubstep wobble with intelligent and evolved gritty analog bass. With moody rhythms and powerful basslines, GDubz incorporates aspects of his indigenous roots with bass music to create a powerful musical story of challenge and perseverance, one that brings the listener through an emotional journey to a place of empowerment. Continually evolving his sound, GDubz is a passionate enthusiast of analog synthesizers, and is focused on creating a sound that is sensually evocative and intellectually compelling.

​A rising figure in the West Coast bass scene, GDubz has been making waves and gaining respect for his productions among his peers and mentors, including recently being featured on the TheUntz.com with special recognition for his song ”Alternate Reality”, a collaboration with Strange Thing on the new ShadowTrix Release, Shadows: Volume Three. GDubz’ rise has been in part propelled by his 2017 releases on Sleeveless Records which included his “Painkiller” remix and track with Outsider on Sleeveless Warriors Vol. 2. GDubz Also sealed a very big achievement in 2019 with 2 releases on Wakaan records, A single on their 2nd compilation "On The Low" with Tripzy Leary as well as a full length ep called "Arrival EP". GDubz looks forward to furthering his Record label catalogue and furthering his sound and influences.



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